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27 Mar 2012
These days we listen lots of thing about Rehan Siddiqui in blog, Website or through other online network about her life, Married or Unmarried etc.  Today i clear one thing Rehan Siddiqui is a Married person &  with god blessed he has Beautiful baby.

Rehan Siddiqui  Son of Najmi Siddiqi and late Kamal Siddiqi, originally from Pakistan, who held high positions in Pakistan International Airlines, Rehan was globe troting even before he earned to walk. During their twenty plus years of service with the airlines, the Siddiqis experienced extensive traveling and transfers. In England they lived for five years and in Singapore and UAE for about three years. Eventually, in the year 1993 they came to the United States of America, wich they decided to make their permanent home.

All this time Rehan had been interacting with different people of diverse cultures and needs. His travels gave him a good insight into their behaviors and attitudes.

Rehan Siddiqui (CEO of HumtumRadio) always involved in all types of community services like raising funds for the Community and providing them free air time and he presents a segment For The Community By The Community once in a week 4 jobless people free of Charge.people who listen 2 his shows they know vn he does the show he does the best period. Helps new commerce etc.


Angel Jose | 6 years 3 months ago
Ya, i also see lots of blogs write abuse things About Rehan, But Rehan is very Supportive person, Always comes first to
support others. Begin a successful business man he always involves himself in charitable activities like sponsoring community events, seminars, talks and workshops on topics like immigration, health and taxes. He volunteers to announce free events of the non-profit organizations, NGO etc.

javaid | 6 years 2 months ago
who is this if he is Rehan then why he did it

javaid | 6 years 2 months ago
good man , going good

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